An Artist, His House, His Tools

This exhibit is integrated into the Back Bedroom space in the James Castle House. At once, the exhibit tells the story of the Castle family house construction over time and the parallels this construction has with the work of artist James Castle. Here, the assemblage of building materials from which the house is made are almost indistinguishable from the materials of James Castle’s work. Portions of the exhibit are installed on a newly-exposed exterior wall of the oldest known structure on the site - a one-room farmhouse.

The artifact wall showcases art materials, tools, media, personal treasures, and archaeological finds in individual wall-mounted vitrines. This collection can be appreciated individually with the aid of a printed didactic booklet, or as a whole gallery composition. This display assembly is a custom design, at once open and approachable, but also secure and protective. Byron also contributed research and didactic copy for the exhibit booklet, and recovered the original living room wallpaper pattern that became part of the exhibit.



“The Material Life of James Castle” Exhibit


5015 N. Eugene St.
Boise, ID 83703

City of Boise

Exhibit Design

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“Over several years I’ve happily worked on several public art projects with Byron Folwell. He demonstrates great capacity for understanding the depth, complexity and history of a site; bolstering that understanding with further research and observation; and then clarifying and translating his insights into elegant and spare public art. He includes just the elements needed to communicate his vision; nothing unnecessary muddies his choice of materials, content, or story.

Karen Bubb, Cultural Planner, Boise City Dept. of Arts & History. 2018.


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