We are a local design firm passionate about the intersection of idaho history, craft, and architecture.




Byron Folwell (AIA) has over fifteen years of commercial, civic, and residential architectural experience and project management know-how. From site planning to permitting, he guides clients expertly and personally through every step of the process.

residential design


Informed by a passion for helping people live and work better, our highly customized modern home designs are a cut above: creative floorplans, hard-working spaces, and gracious details. We take uncommon pride in home design, and it shows.

Art + History


From exhibits to large-scale sculptures, installations to historic restorations, Byron Folwell has a robust portfolio of artistic and historic public work with local and state organizations. We'd love to show you. 

“Byron demonstrates great capacity for understanding the depth, complexity and history of a site; bolstering that understanding with further research and observation; and then clarifying and translating his insights into elegant and spare public art. He includes just the elements needed to communicate his vision; nothing unnecessary muddies his choice of materials, content, or story."

— Karen Bubb, Cultural Planner, Boise City Dept. of Arts & History. 2018.