Every Mayor In Their Place

This exhibit features every mayor of Boise, Idaho, spanning 1867 to the present, with room for inclusion of future mayors. Each portrait is printed and glazed to a porcelain enamel plate, mounted in a decorative dimensional metal frame, and presented chronologically by years of service. These portraits float above panels of blue acrylic and an early Boise street scene, and subtle exhibit lighting gives depth and drama to the entire piece. Interpretive panels also explain the broader history of mayoral service in Boise and highlight the current administration’s vision for the modern city.

The location of the exhibit is significant, as it replaces a long-standing previous collection of mayoral portraits on the third floor of City Hall. The exhibit is carefully integrated into the existing architecture, building upon the established color and material palette of the public building. Designed to play off both historical conventions (oval vignette frames and vintage cameo portraits) as well as modern exhibit design (sleek acrylic and sophisticated mounting systems), the exhibit seamlessly enhances the existing architecture, rather than distracts from it, and creates a powerful and consistent visual experience for City Hall visitors.


Boise Mayor Wall


150 N Capitol Blvd
Third Floor
Boise, ID 83702

City of Boise

Exhibit Design

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"Whether it is a multi-layered history-of-site with several players, a utilitarian bridge or fence in need of added beauty and meaning, or a single, compressed moment in time, Byron helps us see the world through new eyes with his accessible, modern artworks."

— Karen Bubb, Cultural Planner, Boise City Dept. of Arts & History. 2018.


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