Deep Idaho Roots, Deeply Rooted Design

As a lifelong resident of the State of Idaho, I am committed to preserving the places that make Idaho a singular place to live. I seek to create new work that celebrates life in Idaho and contributes to the delicate story of my home state. Through intelligent planning and methodologies, sensitive design, and a humble approach to places and sites, I hope to work alongside public and private clientele to continue a cultural legacy that we can all be proud of. I am deeply invested in the success of Idaho’s communities, and look forward to working with you on your next project.


I was lucky to be born in the beautiful Gem State. I have seen my community change drastically from small town Boise, surrounded on all sides with farmland and open foothills, to one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Growth is inevitable for a place like Idaho - how can such a beautiful place be kept secret forever? I am excited about the opportunities that this growth brings, but I am also focused on supporting growth that is intelligent, resourceful, and good for the community - and (intensely) critical of development that is lazy, wasteful, and single-minded.


My architectural objective is simple - to help create projects in Idaho that sustain and support what is best about this place in whatever capacity I am most helpful. Sometimes, I am a best-fit as Architect-of-Record, shepherding a project from inception through final completion. For other projects, I might be most helpful as a design or planning consultant. In every project, I strive to promote the best that my home state has to offer the rest of the world. From promoting cultural literacy through my history-infused public art works (link), to providing affordable housing design options with Modern Neighbors (link), I strive to offer my best to my home state.


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